Saturday, 23 July 2011

Topshop, A/W 11' New Mod collection

I recently went onto the topshop website for yet another browse, i tend to do this weekly, just to keep up to date with what's in and out. I was pleasantly surprised to see the new autumn and winter collection already beginning to appear ( they're my favourite seasons ) of course. 
Fair play, most of the things they have already put online could be worn in the summer, especially in england, the weather isnt great at the moment even though it is summer. 

However there are a few pieces i like in particular. 
This is the Knitted Oxblood stripe Guernsey styled jumper. I adore the colours of this, its wearable now, right up to winter, layered, on its own, casual with jeans but can easily, for a jumper, be dressed up in the evening to go out in. Of course, warmth is the most important thing!
I have also noticed, regarding shoes, the New Mod collection is the home to more leopard print shoes. These ive never been so keen on, simple because of the stereotypical image you get from 1980's hookers wearing large fur coats and leopard print dresses. 
Of course, this doesnt apply now, the shoes are simply statement pieces of clothing. 
These particular shoe heels topshop currently have in are £60. which, seems a little steep for essentially what they are...
Especially when i found these on the Chictopia website, by a company called Haute and Rebellious, 
(apologies for the use of the link instead of an image)

So it seems, the new mod - which was usually in the 80's just a mens style of fashion, influenced by the royal air force colours, red white and blue, scooters such as vespas and lambrettas, is all about womens fashion, edgy influence, boys style clothing, bomber jackets and double breasted blazers and of course animal prints.
I think ill wait a little longer for more clothes to come online, there isnt an awful lot im interested in so far, i think the theme is a little unorthodox, however, for a A/W collection, im looking forward to seeing what topshop has to offer. In the meantime, for a quick blog roundup. its worth checking out.

Jade x

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