Thursday, 28 July 2011

Maintenance work and just capers

Alright, being totally honest, and I'll apologise for this in advance, over the next few days you might notice my blog changing design - I tried some HTML and it went wrong so I've landed myself a fast track ticket to blog coding hell - so this diabolical standard layout will be the design for a few days :)
I'll keep posting up my outfits and ideas though of course!

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Lots of love x jade
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour Review

I think im on a little roll today guys!
heres another buy i picked up earlier on the current 3 for 2 deal at boots. I havent had any new nail colour in time, so i figured id go with my roots (haha, because im ginger....) and i got this lovely colour called Tangy.

I previously had a sparkly pink shade of the same nail colour and i know for a fact how hard wearing this stuff really is. it really did mean stay perfect.... it took 2 applications to get strong pigmented colour, and it took about 3 layers of nail varnish remover to get off! 

This was the "new" improved range, for a while i was amazed, i figured at this rate this stuff would be like paint and wouldnt come off.... but its still got the same durability. however you only need one coat. 
for essentially an orange nail colour, one coat is impressive, but the colour or "new formula" really is that highly pigmented!
its great <3

the brush is wider now too, one of the only flaws i couldve given the stuff the last time, its a lot thicker, and applys it really evenly, but i would still suggest 2 coats for good measure, makes it last and it evens out the surface.
Just dont put too many layers on.... otherwise it actually looks like you have false nails on with the thickness :)

For £7. it seems a little steep, i dont think id buy it on its own, but considering i got this for free on the 3for2 offer, its been a good buy :) well worth the money and honestly does do exactly what it says on the bottle.

and for those who dont believe the colour comes up amazing after one coat? 
the pictures below should make you believe otherwise.

x Jade

No7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer Review

Alright guys, ill make this one reasonably quick, i havent made a makeup review in a while and i hit the boots store in stoke today.
I purchased one of these little miracle workers last year but found it again the other day hiding in one of my old bags. So i started to use it, the shade i got you can't actually buy anymore, which i was quite disappointed about, however i decided to try a new shade :)

So instead of reviewing my old colour, i'll head straight on and review the Flamenco Red Lacquer. 

The perfect red lips - the definition of this came from generations of famous iconic women sporting perfect scarlet flame red lips, teamed with pin up poses and vintage outfits. But the actual process behind getting the perfect red lips was always a myth, tried with many methods and i myself have only found one solution. 
And i think this may just be it.
So let me introduce the Flamenco Red shade.
the idea behind this double ended wand is simple. the gloss end is gloss and the colour end is a creamy colour rich lacquer that stays on for hours. And i mean HOURS. this stuff is serious business when it comes to staying put. If you work, go to college, like to drink til dawn or wear it everyday, it is guaranteed to last you, with just one application.

Application is simple. its double ended, and applies as youd think, colour then gloss, or just each on their own. Either way, its smooth and glides on easy, and lasts forever.
One tip i found though - when you apply the colour end first, it takes about 30 seconds to dry, using the wand, make a smooth layer over your upper and lower lip, don't close you're mouth, or rub together, because the colour wont go smooth. wait until it is completely dry, then apply the gloss over the top. there shouldnt be any excess if you apply properly, so the product lasts a long time when used correctly. 
The gloss side in theory should be used up quicker than the colour side of course. 

Here is an example of the product on myself :)

(colour is more intense in daylight, and the picture does it no justice. it really is red!)

Here are the other colours you can choose from:
And My old colour (similar to sugar mauve) next to the flamenco red:

Heres some comments from boots customers that i sourced, just to back up what ive been saying about colour lasting, high gloss finish. Even used for a wedding!

"This is by far the best lip product i have used ever! It lasts well through eating and drinking etc and i love the sugar mauve colour.
I put mine on at half 6 on a morning before work and its still visible at 1pm when on lunch. Would recomend it to anyone!"
"This lip laquer is amazing! I put it on in the morning of my wedding, topped up the gloss before we hit the bar and it still looked amazing even when we staggered back at early-o-clock in the morning!
Avoid smudging your lips together before it dries (anything up to five minutes) to get a flawless finish to your lips.
Advantages: colours your lips for hours
Disadvantages: can be difficult to removecan take several minutes to dry"
"I have this in several shades now, it's just so easy to use and I like the fact there are 2 products in one.
The Lacquer once applied stays put through the day and doesn't settle into any fine lip lines or bleed either.
I find some lipsticks can dry my lips out or make them appear thinner, with the No7 Perfect Lip Laquer its like wearing a lip balm all day."

5 / 5

And thus i rest my case. For £10, some people may grumble about the cost, but the idea is, you dont need to buy you're conventional lipstick, lipliner and gloss, just to have to re apply every hour or so to keep it in tip top condition. 
I will most likely continue to buy these as and when i run out, im just hoping they expand on shades and colours, i really fancy a high intensive mango colour! that would look amazing with red hair!

Just a quick suggestion for those who want to achieve long lasting glossy colour or those perfect red pouty lips <3
well worth the pennies!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What I wore Today.

Taking inspiration from the previous post, i told you id update you with what i wore today in regards to the tights and the wedges :)
so here it is. 
In the outfit for today -

Cardigan - Miss Selfridges
Tights - Next
Wedges - Topshop
Shorts - River Island

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A little observation for the day

While I was browsing on chictopia last night I noticed a certain trend that I've been interested in trying out for myself. I spotted a large number of girls wearing woolen knit tights and strappy nude/cream colour wedges, with either shorts, skirts or dress combo. And by George it looks pretty! But I never would have dared to try it out before!
I promise I'll re edit the post later with some photos, its very adorable <3 If I re locate the best example on chictopia I'll post a link :) Very vintage indeed :D Found it :) Day In the Park Outfit

Jade xx via: iPhone 4

Saturday, 23 July 2011

I found this Fab Little DIY tutorial on Bracelets

Shop Ruche is a website i recently discovered online, its got a fantastic little blog too where i came across this....

New Twist on Making Friendship Bracelets

Its great <3 check it out and follow ruche :) im most definitely having a go of it :)
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Topshop, A/W 11' New Mod collection

I recently went onto the topshop website for yet another browse, i tend to do this weekly, just to keep up to date with what's in and out. I was pleasantly surprised to see the new autumn and winter collection already beginning to appear ( they're my favourite seasons ) of course. 
Fair play, most of the things they have already put online could be worn in the summer, especially in england, the weather isnt great at the moment even though it is summer. 

However there are a few pieces i like in particular. 
This is the Knitted Oxblood stripe Guernsey styled jumper. I adore the colours of this, its wearable now, right up to winter, layered, on its own, casual with jeans but can easily, for a jumper, be dressed up in the evening to go out in. Of course, warmth is the most important thing!
I have also noticed, regarding shoes, the New Mod collection is the home to more leopard print shoes. These ive never been so keen on, simple because of the stereotypical image you get from 1980's hookers wearing large fur coats and leopard print dresses. 
Of course, this doesnt apply now, the shoes are simply statement pieces of clothing. 
These particular shoe heels topshop currently have in are £60. which, seems a little steep for essentially what they are...
Especially when i found these on the Chictopia website, by a company called Haute and Rebellious, 
(apologies for the use of the link instead of an image)

So it seems, the new mod - which was usually in the 80's just a mens style of fashion, influenced by the royal air force colours, red white and blue, scooters such as vespas and lambrettas, is all about womens fashion, edgy influence, boys style clothing, bomber jackets and double breasted blazers and of course animal prints.
I think ill wait a little longer for more clothes to come online, there isnt an awful lot im interested in so far, i think the theme is a little unorthodox, however, for a A/W collection, im looking forward to seeing what topshop has to offer. In the meantime, for a quick blog roundup. its worth checking out.

Jade x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Some shots wearing Topshop's dress up collection

If you follow my facebook, or youve got me on twitter, you may have seen some of the recent modelling photos i had done a few months back, ive got another one planned with a whole new theme. 

It was my first attempt at modelling, and being honest i didnt do too bad, i got 16 good images overall, Paolo was fantastic and gave me tips on what wardrobe to bring, so i thought id show you my outfits :)

2 were from the Topshop dress up collection, the rainbow sequin dress and the blue lace panelled bodycon dress.
The yellow blouse was from river island, aswell as the military shorts. 
Red heeled bow shoes from Schuh, the pink heels are from love label at Asos. And of course my stoke shirt, from my hometown :) 

sorry for the image overload!, Jade x

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Moving onto Fashion Design

Alright ,so some of you may have noticed i havent exactly been around in a while. well. dont despair, Im back, with a new venture to tell you about. 
Ever since i was a little girl ive loved experimenting with clothes and standing out from the crowd (hence why i dyed my hair orange), it explains a lot.... ive always been into fashion, and designing fashion, however id never had the chance or the ambition enough to study for it or even look into it. 
Next summer im hoping to go to university. I dont know where, but i might just go into fashion design. Ive got a bug for it. 
so, id love to hear what you think about one design in particular i have done, and one (unfinished) paper dress ive made.