Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour Review

I think im on a little roll today guys!
heres another buy i picked up earlier on the current 3 for 2 deal at boots. I havent had any new nail colour in time, so i figured id go with my roots (haha, because im ginger....) and i got this lovely colour called Tangy.

I previously had a sparkly pink shade of the same nail colour and i know for a fact how hard wearing this stuff really is. it really did mean stay perfect.... it took 2 applications to get strong pigmented colour, and it took about 3 layers of nail varnish remover to get off! 

This was the "new" improved range, for a while i was amazed, i figured at this rate this stuff would be like paint and wouldnt come off.... but its still got the same durability. however you only need one coat. 
for essentially an orange nail colour, one coat is impressive, but the colour or "new formula" really is that highly pigmented!
its great <3

the brush is wider now too, one of the only flaws i couldve given the stuff the last time, its a lot thicker, and applys it really evenly, but i would still suggest 2 coats for good measure, makes it last and it evens out the surface.
Just dont put too many layers on.... otherwise it actually looks like you have false nails on with the thickness :)

For £7. it seems a little steep, i dont think id buy it on its own, but considering i got this for free on the 3for2 offer, its been a good buy :) well worth the money and honestly does do exactly what it says on the bottle.

and for those who dont believe the colour comes up amazing after one coat? 
the pictures below should make you believe otherwise.

x Jade

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