Friday, 1 April 2011

Soap and Glory Hocus Focus Review

Soap and glory presents Hocus Focus
if you havent heard of soap and glory before, get investigating, its a fantastic brand you can purchase from any good boots store up and down the country with some amazing skincare, makeup and perfume products that have certainly blown me away.

so why hocus focus? i got asked which skin highlighter i thought was best for pale skin, now, im pale skinned, very in fact. I dont use blusher and rarely use proper foundation, but when 3 for 2 came up i decided to get myself some hocus focus, a flaw busting moisturising, does it all kind of skin product with "lightscramble" effect to make your skin look nice and reflective :)

and here we are! hocus focus, the 30ml bottle of something youd expect from some wizarding genius.
on the box, along with a large number of quotes to make the product sound amazing, it does say:
to diffuse the appearance of; Large pores, Wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.

quite a bit to live up to right?
well. i can say, myself, on my skin, it does. Finally! something that actually made my skin look pearly and feel really healthy.
For a more dewy youthful look, you can even blend a few pumps of the stuff into any foundation and apply as a foundation with moisturising qualities. 
statistically speaking, on the box it mentions pretty much what i can say from my own personal view, so ill let you read whats on the box.

stats from on the box
  1. 79% said that pores looked less noticable immediately
  2. 96% said it gave an immediate glow to the skin
  3. 92% said it gave a candle lit finish
  4. 73% said fine lines were removed and skin looked younger
  5. 98% said skin was silky soft
  6. 86% said skin looked smoother
  7. 94% said skin looked more radiant
  8. 92% said the skin was left with a healthy glow
as far as all that goes i had to agree. the actual number of people tested wasnt mentioned on the box, but now ive tried the product over a few months i can understand the results they collected.

application is as simple as youd expect, the bottle has a pump, which does give out even and quite small size amounts of the lotion, so you arent over run from one little go!. i use my finger to get some from the back of my hand onto my face and normally apply is just on the cheekbones to highlight the area. Because the lotion is smooth, no bits or lumps, its really quick to use and very easy to blend in with some foundation to apply as you normally would, onto the areas across your face to get a sheen finish from your foundation rather than looking flat.
My only criticism, if you just use it for highlighting, sometimes one pump can be too much and you can end up wasting some of the product.

Youd expect with the speculation of what the product does, a massive designer price tag that youd never be able to afford. Wrong. its a middle brand product that has so many offers all through the year you can always end up with some discount and pick some up reasonable. 
However if you just want to get the hocus focus, be prepared to pay out £12.26, however the current offer is to save 1/3 off soap and glory, so the current price in boots is £8.17. (april 2011)

the final word in - verdict - finale of all finales
Hocus focus is one of the products i will always continue to use, ive already gone through a bottle, im on my second, its lasted 4 months, and for the money and the results ive got, its been worth every single penny.
Hoorah for soap and glory!

Ill post some more from S&G, ive got tonnes of different products from the brand, and being honest. its girly fabulous! and everything. i mean everything smells wonderful!