Friday, 12 August 2011

Minimakeup has moved!

my fashion blog is now up and running, Jays Closet! 
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Thursday, 11 August 2011

What I will be purchasing over the next week

so ive gone completely head over heels for the A/W collections which are appearing everywhere, so i thought id let you have a sneaky look at some of the things that will be making their way into my wardrobe over the next week or so. you can tell its payday tomorrow!

Wedge Boots from next Link

Shift dress from Miss Selfridge Link

Colour Block Bag Link

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Londons Burning

Alright, so i dont live in london, thankfully, otherwise id be more concerned than i am already. However, can i just say how absolutely appalled i am that people in this country can do this to the area they live in, in the most mindless form of activity i have ever seen. And why?
Because clearly, the people of britain, the ones who are supposed to represent the country are a bunch of low life thugs, who take pride in being sheep, following the minority and causing such a disaster. Its hilarious frankly, that they do not have the intelligence or bravery to start it themselves, but once one person is brave enough they all jump in. Looting, rioting, fires, abuse and general shit. 
Im sorry this is just a rant but right now im ashamed of the country i live in. This kind of thing should not happen in the society we are "supposed to be privileged to have".
What has shocked me the most, is the fact that some idiots will even help a bleeding boy off the floor and will the continue to mug him and leave him in the street. What the fuck is that?
The police cannot take this on without more authority, we are watching our own police force fail essentially, i just hope the increase in officers on patrol tonight will stop the incidents continuing at the rate they are. 
Lets pray it doesnt escalate. 
Over and Out. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A/W 11 forecast.

So our favourite high street brands have decided to start letting us look at previews of their own A/W11 collections. 
personally this time of the year is my favourite and i really cannot wait to get stuck into getting new pieces and keeping toastie in the bad weather i know will be coming. 

Last year knitted clothing was one of the biggest trends, mix this with faux fur and you have your wardrobe sorted for the whole of winter, and if you too are in the UK, your spring was sorted aswell!
I mentioned a few weeks back about topshop and its new mod collection, this being the front image of topshop for autumn with its boyish charm and retro lookalikes. so after a few hours of searching and going through website after website i think i can safely come up with a forecast for the next AW/11.

Knitwear This is very much at the heart of A/W collections, they go with almost anything, look casual or dressed up and keep you warm in the cold weather. however this year novelty knits are very big in the shops, and it seems that the girlier the better, jumpers and cardis with dogs, cats and bunnies will be hitting the shops faster than you could say well.... dogs cats and bunnies. (personally im waiting for a horse knit jumper) however, personally i dont like this whole kitsch design, i think it looks a little childish, i just couldnt imagine a bunch of 20 something year olds walking around in jumpers with dog faces on!

New mod (boyish) Boxy blazers, ties, shirts and skinny jeans. mix all of this with grey shades, dogtooth, animal print and high wedges or boy like shoes and youve made the new mod collection. the girls take on the past ages mens fashion that lasted well into the 80s. There are some areas of this style i like, but the concept, a little mixed. however i can imagine some of the statement pieces in this collection (hosted mainly by topshop) will keep you warm in the winter. 
Get your vespas out girls!

Pencil skirts This kind of skirt hasnt exactly been a favourite of mine, because im shorter, but the retro glam pencil is back, teamed this year with high wedge boots, tucked in jumpers and shirts, add a tie or accessories and youve landed yet another statement back to the past style. the most common appearance from these will be faux leather and bold colours, which is very much another trend this season. the block colour reign continues.

Ankle grazer trousers This is another new style for A/W11, the ankle grazers have come back, with bold patterns, colours, floral patterns and ditsy prints, add some brogues, vintage tops or jumpers, scarves and some cute socks and youre wearing the "just above the ankle" style. 
I still cant see what the fascination is with looking like youve shrunk youre trousers though...

Fur coats Well, faux fur coats. These were massive last year, a bit like the sudden take off of quilted country jackets. Theyre back this year a little different than we remember. The faux fur jacket was massive in the 80s, they were brought back in natural colours, and animal prints, much like the 80s designs we once had. However, the newer style involved shaggy fur, bright colours like hot pink and geometric designs. 

Quilted Jackets (the quilty coat) Barbour must have made a mint last christmas. The old equestrian jackets got re vamped and suddenly everyone wanted a piece of this country style, the prices hiked up and they sold out left right and centre. Topshop sold out, River island sold out, everywhere online sold out. Theyre back for another year, but being honest unless something changes with the design and the styling/colours, i dont think the rush will be so mad this year, after all, everyone got one last season right? 

Boot wedges These have been around for the past few years, i still am yet to invest in some myself, however the newer styles are bright colours, neon in some cases and majority are animal prints. If you dont make a statement this year with your clothes, some leopard print wedges are guaranteed to set you up for the season. 

Alright ill admit, i could be a lot more extensive, however these are the statement areas for casual A/W style ive picked up on so far. block colour and bold patterns are very much still going to be around, but the new knit, mod, boyish, ankle grazer, fur style is going to dominate the shops this season coming. 
As for myself, ill still be wearing my country style, being from an equestian background, my h&m blazer will be well worn with knit jumpers, cuddly scarves, high waisted shorts and knitted woollen tights. with my wedges.

But all in all im very excited to get the A/W season started!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Maintenance work and just capers

Alright, being totally honest, and I'll apologise for this in advance, over the next few days you might notice my blog changing design - I tried some HTML and it went wrong so I've landed myself a fast track ticket to blog coding hell - so this diabolical standard layout will be the design for a few days :)
I'll keep posting up my outfits and ideas though of course!

Make sure you visit me on chictopia <3

Lots of love x jade
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour Review

I think im on a little roll today guys!
heres another buy i picked up earlier on the current 3 for 2 deal at boots. I havent had any new nail colour in time, so i figured id go with my roots (haha, because im ginger....) and i got this lovely colour called Tangy.

I previously had a sparkly pink shade of the same nail colour and i know for a fact how hard wearing this stuff really is. it really did mean stay perfect.... it took 2 applications to get strong pigmented colour, and it took about 3 layers of nail varnish remover to get off! 

This was the "new" improved range, for a while i was amazed, i figured at this rate this stuff would be like paint and wouldnt come off.... but its still got the same durability. however you only need one coat. 
for essentially an orange nail colour, one coat is impressive, but the colour or "new formula" really is that highly pigmented!
its great <3

the brush is wider now too, one of the only flaws i couldve given the stuff the last time, its a lot thicker, and applys it really evenly, but i would still suggest 2 coats for good measure, makes it last and it evens out the surface.
Just dont put too many layers on.... otherwise it actually looks like you have false nails on with the thickness :)

For £7. it seems a little steep, i dont think id buy it on its own, but considering i got this for free on the 3for2 offer, its been a good buy :) well worth the money and honestly does do exactly what it says on the bottle.

and for those who dont believe the colour comes up amazing after one coat? 
the pictures below should make you believe otherwise.

x Jade

No7 Stay Perfect Lip Lacquer Review

Alright guys, ill make this one reasonably quick, i havent made a makeup review in a while and i hit the boots store in stoke today.
I purchased one of these little miracle workers last year but found it again the other day hiding in one of my old bags. So i started to use it, the shade i got you can't actually buy anymore, which i was quite disappointed about, however i decided to try a new shade :)

So instead of reviewing my old colour, i'll head straight on and review the Flamenco Red Lacquer. 

The perfect red lips - the definition of this came from generations of famous iconic women sporting perfect scarlet flame red lips, teamed with pin up poses and vintage outfits. But the actual process behind getting the perfect red lips was always a myth, tried with many methods and i myself have only found one solution. 
And i think this may just be it.
So let me introduce the Flamenco Red shade.
the idea behind this double ended wand is simple. the gloss end is gloss and the colour end is a creamy colour rich lacquer that stays on for hours. And i mean HOURS. this stuff is serious business when it comes to staying put. If you work, go to college, like to drink til dawn or wear it everyday, it is guaranteed to last you, with just one application.

Application is simple. its double ended, and applies as youd think, colour then gloss, or just each on their own. Either way, its smooth and glides on easy, and lasts forever.
One tip i found though - when you apply the colour end first, it takes about 30 seconds to dry, using the wand, make a smooth layer over your upper and lower lip, don't close you're mouth, or rub together, because the colour wont go smooth. wait until it is completely dry, then apply the gloss over the top. there shouldnt be any excess if you apply properly, so the product lasts a long time when used correctly. 
The gloss side in theory should be used up quicker than the colour side of course. 

Here is an example of the product on myself :)

(colour is more intense in daylight, and the picture does it no justice. it really is red!)

Here are the other colours you can choose from:
And My old colour (similar to sugar mauve) next to the flamenco red:

Heres some comments from boots customers that i sourced, just to back up what ive been saying about colour lasting, high gloss finish. Even used for a wedding!

"This is by far the best lip product i have used ever! It lasts well through eating and drinking etc and i love the sugar mauve colour.
I put mine on at half 6 on a morning before work and its still visible at 1pm when on lunch. Would recomend it to anyone!"
"This lip laquer is amazing! I put it on in the morning of my wedding, topped up the gloss before we hit the bar and it still looked amazing even when we staggered back at early-o-clock in the morning!
Avoid smudging your lips together before it dries (anything up to five minutes) to get a flawless finish to your lips.
Advantages: colours your lips for hours
Disadvantages: can be difficult to removecan take several minutes to dry"
"I have this in several shades now, it's just so easy to use and I like the fact there are 2 products in one.
The Lacquer once applied stays put through the day and doesn't settle into any fine lip lines or bleed either.
I find some lipsticks can dry my lips out or make them appear thinner, with the No7 Perfect Lip Laquer its like wearing a lip balm all day."

5 / 5

And thus i rest my case. For £10, some people may grumble about the cost, but the idea is, you dont need to buy you're conventional lipstick, lipliner and gloss, just to have to re apply every hour or so to keep it in tip top condition. 
I will most likely continue to buy these as and when i run out, im just hoping they expand on shades and colours, i really fancy a high intensive mango colour! that would look amazing with red hair!

Just a quick suggestion for those who want to achieve long lasting glossy colour or those perfect red pouty lips <3
well worth the pennies!