Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Une Beauty Products

what actually is Une?
“..introducing a New Make-up Brand, a brand that respects the skin and the planet!… A new definition of beauty which aims for 100% natural formulas where possible and organic ingredients to create healthy, more environmentally-friendly products.”

sounds good right?   right!

I decided en route to college to pick up some of the Une products in the skin range. So i stumbled upon the following;

Left to right...
HO1 - healthy glow mineral powder
BO2 - breezy cheeks blush
HO1 - healthy glow enhancer

(I dont use the blusher, ive tried it for testing but it was a freebie in the Boots offer back in Feb and personally i dont need blusher!)

The mineral powder and the breezy cheeks
So lets have a look at the 2 shades. Une dont actually have shade names just the codes, H01 being the palest they actually have in stores currently;

As you can tell the ho1 is incredibly pale, which because of my complexion suits me perfectly when i need to use it. It goes over any of my foundations smoothly and quickly, my applicator picks up the power effortlessly and it actually stays put for a considerable amount of time. Ive even been able to use the mineral powder as an eyeshadow by layering it a few times. Saves buying cream eyeshadow!
The blusher, this goes from a powdery liquid form into a creamy blush that goes on over everything, i did have to be careful about how much i put on though, the colour comes off quite strong even with just using a finger to apply it.
The size of the ho1 was good for a mineral powder, and ill admit the mirror is pretty handy.
the Actual products are surprisingly hard wearing, and considering what its made of and the reason behind it, for it to work as well as it does came as a surprise to me.

Healthy glow enhancer in Ho1
This was the product i was most sceptical about, could it actually make a difference to the appearance of my skin?
the actual tube is quite big, should be for the price. but the colour on the lid didnt exactly match the actual colour very well at all. it looked very orange when i first opened the tube!
however. if you look at it on my skin;
 It came off quite pale and pinky, which would match the tone of my complexion better.
when i put it on the consistency feels thick and a bit weighty, but once youve blended it out, or put it into your foundation as a mix, it does go on a lot better.
You cant tell by the pictures but theres definitely a pearly shimmer in the mix, just to reflect the light from your face a little better. 
You do have to be careful of how much you add though, excessive use can make your face look a little rubbery and feel pasty. which for those of us who enjoy weightless feel, this really might not be right for you. 
The actual product did make my face look brighter especially at the sides and over my cheekbones, so i wasnt totally disappointed. 

As ill mention below, the actual packaging is nice, but, really rather bland. the displays consistently say Une, the boxes are mirrored (which can be taken out and the plastic recycled) and basically feel quite plastic and well. cheap feeling. However i suppose the eco friendly side will mean less is more, and the more natural looking the packaging is, the better the message gets across. I think?!
I would like to add my blusher, the day after i bought it for some reason the slide up lid snapped on the inside, it still works but its slightly wonky now and wont fix. so the actual quality is rather poor. i have no clue how it managed to break in my bag...

for a brand which really doesnt look at all that exciting from the shelf youd expect the prices to be lower than they are. I was surprised when i first noticed, but the offer to get the breezy cheeks tempted me into it.
the prices i paid were as follows;

Mineral Powder - £14.49
Healthy glow mix - £9.99
Breezy cheeks - £8.99 (offer made this free)

I dont think the prices truly reflect the quality of the product, theyre pricey for what they are, but i think the eco warriors of today will appreciate the meaning of organic and healthy a lot more than i will so i doubt ill be buying again.


  1. i have never tried Une before, but they look like nice products. As well as being organic and using all natural ingredients, they must be quite good for your skin.

    The prices do put me off a little bit too though..especially as it is not a high-end brand.

    It might be good to give one of their products a go sometime though and see what i think :)


  2. Thank you so mcuh for reviewing a couple products from this brand! :) I've been wanting to buy a couple items from Une, but they were quite pricy.
    You said that you weren't 100% satisfied with the highlighter, but do you know of a good one that's worth buying? I've got fair skin and I'm looking for a nice highlighter that reflects the light but isn't too shimmery.

  3. Lindsey ive heard benefits high beam highlighter is a good one for pale skin, it gives a slight pinky tint too, which would work as a blushing effect, i havent tried this personally but i know first hand benefit can be pricey too.
    soap and glory do a fabulous one called hocus focus, (ill get another review done on some soap and glory) it works as an instant visual flaw softening lotion with lightscramble, so when blended out it reflects the light really well, feels weightless and can be mixed with foundations to make youre skin look fantastic and moisturised :)

  4. Great! Thanks! I read your post about the Hocus Focus highlighter and it sounds great. Also I like that it's cheaper then the Benefit one. Next time I go shopping I'll be sure to check it out! :)