Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint Review

Long lasting lip colour!
Or so i thought....

some of you may have tried this too, just my own personal opinion on the way this works.
When this was introduced to me i got very very excited! being the kind of girl that hates having to reapply lipgloss over and over to keep my lips looking colourful, finally i was wanting something to rival other pens that just didnt do it for me before.

I personally bought the 06 colour, the most red, royal plum. When i first tried this out i tested it on my hand, i was impressed with how well the colour stayed put on my skin no matter how much i tried to remove it, several wipes later and a heck of a lot of rubbing it actually came off. I bought it, took it home and decided to have a practise run, it took about 2 minutes to dry but because of the tip, and i have full lips, the actual colour did not look blended whatsoever, making it look lined and really rather rubbish!
of course, i had to take it off, which took a good while then decided to reapply.
The second time went better once i got used to the consistency and the fine tip, however, this time to make it blend i applied more which well.... spent more time on my teeth than anywhere else!
and truth be told, it doesnt taste as nice as it looks.

Application did get easier as i kept trying, you get used to the pen and how to get the best out of it, so for usability its definitely got potential. When you actually get down to using it, if anything the liquid is too well... liquidy! hence why by adding enough to make it look alright on my lips, some did get onto my teeth.
Here is an example of it on the back of my hand with one stroke.

the packaging is probably as you'd expect from max factor, the logo, what the product is called and a casing that tries to match the colour of the product. They did well to keep it in the same style as most of the other products in the newer range. definitely didn't disappoint though being a mid range brand.

The lip pen itself cost £7.99 when i bought it, however there was a deal on for 3 for 2 when i did, so the actual item i used was free. I wouldnt myself pay that much for a lip pen which quite frankly i found difficult to use and wouldnt be a throw on and go piece of kit. With a bit more time im sure it will come right. The one thing i do know is 2 months in it still hasnt run out! which for a pen is pretty impressive. One of the only things that i personally found to be a good reason to buy.

Sorry guys, my opinion but the Lip tint just isnt winning for me!
has anybody else had more luck?


  1. I haven't tried the Max Factor pens, but I did buy two Maybelline lip stains (in the felt-tip pen packaging also). I didn't like applying the stains 'cause the felt tip was quite hard and it did not blend either. It didn't look good and didn't even stay on that long. :(
    I guess lipstick is just better then lip-stain pens! Did you ever find a good long-lasting lip-stain?

  2. im glad somebody else has had a similar problem with the lip pens!
    i did find 2 other products that work well, one being the revlon colourstay ultimate, i bought the top tomato shade a few months back, ill get a review done of it :)
    Bodyshops cheek and lip tint is also good, only a couple of shades which is disappointing but the liquid glides on blends in and with a few layers the colour is intense, both applicators are like gloss brushes.
    just goes to show really which the better methods are :)