Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Londons Burning

Alright, so i dont live in london, thankfully, otherwise id be more concerned than i am already. However, can i just say how absolutely appalled i am that people in this country can do this to the area they live in, in the most mindless form of activity i have ever seen. And why?
Because clearly, the people of britain, the ones who are supposed to represent the country are a bunch of low life thugs, who take pride in being sheep, following the minority and causing such a disaster. Its hilarious frankly, that they do not have the intelligence or bravery to start it themselves, but once one person is brave enough they all jump in. Looting, rioting, fires, abuse and general shit. 
Im sorry this is just a rant but right now im ashamed of the country i live in. This kind of thing should not happen in the society we are "supposed to be privileged to have".
What has shocked me the most, is the fact that some idiots will even help a bleeding boy off the floor and will the continue to mug him and leave him in the street. What the fuck is that?
The police cannot take this on without more authority, we are watching our own police force fail essentially, i just hope the increase in officers on patrol tonight will stop the incidents continuing at the rate they are. 
Lets pray it doesnt escalate. 
Over and Out. 

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